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The Global Slavery Index

This is the third edition of the Global Slavery Index. In the third edition of the Index, and estimated 45 million people are subjected to some form of modern slavery.


With an estimated 45.8 million people in modern slavery, it is time for all hands on deck to respond to this crime. This report provides an introduction to modern slavery, maps how modern slavery impacts on supply chains, and makes the case for why governments need to require business to take action on this issue.

Trafficking in Persons Report - US Department of State

The Trafficking and Persons Report is the US Government's principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking. Freeing victims, preventing trafficking, and bringing traffickers to justice are the ultimate goals of the report.

The Typology of Modern Slavery

Analyzing more than 32000 cases of human trafficking documented over the past nine years, we've identified 25 unique types of modern slavery that exist in the United States.


Community Awareness Toolkit

A toolkit to empower communities with knowledge and action to end human trafficking.

Creating a Slave Free School

The ATIP framework for creating a slave free school


Freedom United

Learn the facts about modern slavery. Get educated. Get engaged today. One voice against slavery. Learn how to help.

New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking 

NJCAHT is made up of a diverse group including nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government agencies, law enforcement, and direct service providers based in New Jersey. We work to serve as the hub of community efforts state wide to increase coordination and visibility of New Jersey's commitment to end human trafficking.

Free The Slaves

An international non-governmental organization and lobby group established to campaign against the modern practice of slavery around the world.


Polaris is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that works to combat and prevent modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Walk Free Foundation

The Walk Free Foundation works to provide an integrated strategy to end modern slavery through a combination of direct implementation, grass roots community engagement and working in partnerships in faiths, businesses, academics, NGOs and governments around the world.

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