With the support of the US Department of State, Justin Dillon, founder and CEO of Made In A Free World, founded Slavery Footprint, a survey that asks and responds to the question, "How Many Slaves Work For You?"
The survey allows users to input select data about their consumer spending habits which then outputs a graphical "footprint" of the user participation in modern-day slavery (as quantified by their consumption of items created by forced labor and child labor.)
The purpose of the project is to increase awareness of forced labor and child labor, and engage the public in taking steps toward addressing the use of forced labor by encouraging users to advocated with strategic actions in the marketplace.
Slavery Footprint

Hundreds of workers are held in slavery-like conditions every year across Brazil.


7 and 8 year old children work 60-hour weeks in Turkish factories.

Men are held against their will on fishing boats off Thailand.



Making South Orange, Maplewood, Millburn And Short Hills The First Communities In The Nation To Be Slave-Free

21 to 48 Million People Are Enslaved Around The World

How Many Slaves Work For You?

Modern Slavery and You

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